Panel Sessions

We welcome proposals for special panels at the conference; sessions which are small, specialised events to be held during the conference as a set of oral presentations. These should be focused on a particular theme relevant to the conference and include the work of a number of researchers coherently fitting together.

The aim of the panel sessions (minimum four papers; maximum dependent on duration of sessions and time devoted to each paper – please discuss with the conference organisers) is to provide some focus for innovative topics relating to Trans-Atlantic Dialogues on Cultural Heritage: Heritage, Tourism and Traditions. Each prospective organiser is invited to submit a proposal explaining the theme and its novelty/importance, and listing the participating authors and their contributions.

Submission should be made by e-mail to using ‘Panel Session Proposal’ as the subject heading. Please include the following information in the proposal:

• The proposed title of the Panel Session
• The organiser(s), contact information and affiliations
• The relevance of the proposed Panel Session to the Conference
• The participants’ contact information, affiliations, presentation/paper titles and short abstracts (max 300 words per abstract). This list should contain at least four people who have confirmed their participation at the Conference.

All contributions should be in English. Panel sessions in which participants come from different universities and countries are strongly encouraged. The proposals will be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers who will specifically take into consideration the following criteria:
• Relevance: Is the topic of the proposed session related to the main themes of the Conference?
• Appeal: Will the topic appeal to the inter-disciplinary, international audience?
• Coherence: Do the papers for the proposed session address similar questions or issues, adopt similar methodologies, or present complementary findings?


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