Accepted Abstracts

Eduardo Romero de Oliveira and Renata Maria Ribeiro ~ Cultural Routes and Tourism in Brazil: a research about the recognition and touristic planning of Estrada Real (the Royal Road)

May El Tabbakh ~ The French tangible cultural heritage and the Anglo American colonies across the Atlantic and the Mediterranean

William Chew ~ John Quincy Adams: American Tourist in Paris, 1815

Melanie_Hall ~ Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Stratford-on-Avon: Washington Irving’s sketch and the American impact on its preservation

Jacqueline Tinkler ~ Determinants of Trans-Atlantic Cultural Transfer and Retention

Jon Volkmer ~ Old World Poetical Form Meets New World Content: Alexander Wilson’s “The Foresters”

Ingo Heidbrink ~ Preservation of the main means of transportation of cultural heritage on both sides of the Atlantic

Jenny Cousins ~ American Air Museum in Britain, IWM Duxford

Andrea Medovarsku ~ Longings for Remembrance: Textual Commemorations of the Middle Passage

Camila Dazzi / Cristine Passos de Mattos_/ Thiago Leite ~ Cultural Identity in Environmental Protection Areas of Nova Friburgo: heritage, tourism and traditions

Marxiano Melotti_~ When a gondola crosses the Ocean. Heritage, history and the new global world

Jon Olav Hove_~ Ghanaian appropriation of the Atlantic heritage, from 1950 to the 1970s

Melanie Hall_~ Preserving Carlyle’s House as a ‘literary embassy’

Amber Hulsey_~ Death of the Master: Changing of the Guard

Amber Hulsey_~ Gazing Across the Atlantic: What Others Think About Us

Maura Coughlin_~ Across the Strand: Material Flow on the French Atlantic Coast

Tony Seaton_~ Tropological  Protestations in, “Purchas his Pilgrims: “Allegory and colonising” travels to “New Worlds”

Marek Sroka ~ Cultural Refugees: Trans-Atlantic Sojourns of Eastern European Refugees Cultural Patrimony and its Impact on their Fellow Ethnic Communities in North America in the 20th Century

Katharine Cockin ~ Trans-Atlantic Shakespeare (1883-1910)

Shelley Hornstein_~ The World in a Picture: Albert Kahn, Architectural Tourism and Archives of the Planet

John Nunley_~ Performing Dialogues and New World Arts

Heather Shirey_~ Pierre Verger, Photography, and Trans-Atlantic Dialogues: The Messenger and the Privileged Eye

Maria Ines Pinho_~ The Portuguese Cultural Entrepreneurship and the uniqueness of the Brazilian Portuguese culture

Jessica Hower_~ The Afterlives of John Cabot: The History, Heritage, and Memory of England’s First Trans-Atlantic Encounters, 1496-1707

Klara Stphanie Szlezak_~ Back to the U.S. of A.: Exhibiting The Beatles as Trans-Atlantic Cultural Heritage in 2014/15

Stephanie Beck Cohen_~The softest diplomacy

Amy Clarke ~ The ‘Outlander’ Experience: Time-Travel, Literary Tourism and the Heritage of the Highlands

Marie-Charlotte Le Bailly ~ The Red Star Line and Trans-Atlantic tourism, 1873-1934

Paul Hardin Kapp ~ Static and Dynamic Narratives in Heritage Management: A US and UK Comparison

Sam Edwards ~ Trans-Atlantic War Memory: World War II, the ‘special relationship’, and the Landscapes of Anglo-American Commemoration, c. 1944-2004

Mathilda Schneider ~ Transatlant-ism: essence of a museum

Kendahl Radcliffe_Book_~ Cultural Mastery in Foreign Spaces: Evolving Visions of Home and Identity

Anja Werner_~ Crafting Connections: Strategic and Ideological Alliances

Jennifer Scott_~ Cultural Mastery in Foreign Spaces: Evolving Visions of Home and Identity

Antonieta Costa_~ The travelling of intangible heritages: Atlantic crossings

Joshua Masters ~ The Indian as Tourist in George Catlin’s European Exhibition

Jillian Powers ~ Touring the Trans-Atlantic: Discoveries of Heritage and the Echoes of the Grand Tour in African Diaspora Tourism

Philip Xie, Tsung-Chiung Wu ~ Industrial Heritage Tourism Development: A Comparative Study of the US and Europe

Regina Faden_~ Heritage of Atlantic Crossings relating to the American Slave Trade

Michael Bradshaw_~ The Bermuda friendly society story: unique dialogues on heritage and culture across the Atlantic world

Catherine Armstrong / Malcom Gaskill_~ “Remembering the Mayflower”: the Trans-Atlantic heritage of the founding of Plimoth Plantation

Hoseah Wanderi_~ The emergence and growth of Swahili Culture in Lamu Old Town in Kenya

Rebecca Watts_~ Communicating the Trans-Atlantic Dimensions of Slavery through Heritage Tourism at Plantation Sites in the U.S. South

William Roka_~ From Prostken to San Francisco, to London from New York: Ocean Liners and the Birth of Modern International Tourism on the North Atlantic in the Early 20th Century

Dave McLaughlin_~ “It should be great fun to follow in their footsteps”: David Hammer’s Game series and the lively literary tourist

Anna Scott_~ We want in! Negotiating and imagining a special relationship based on the heritage of the Mayflower Pilgrims

Margaret Schmitz_~ Revisiting Precisionism: Vorticist Abstraction, and Anglo-American Interpretations of the Modern Metropolis

Josep-Maria / Garcia-Fuentes ~ Montserrat’s Exchanges. Exporting religious and nonreligious reproductions of Montserrat in 19th century Catalonia, Spain and Latin America

Cele Otnes ~ American Anglophilia and consuming the British Royal Family as brand

Rebeca Campos Ferreras_~ Co-habiting Heritage and Alienation: A fake ‘golden’ country called Americ

Csilla Ariese-Vandemeulebroucke_~ Deconstructing Columbus: a Jamaican perspective

Carlos Escala Fernández_~ Cuaba, costume and organ: a look to the sources of tradition

Rosemary Kerr_~ Beats, Beatles and Backpacks: the Roots and Routes of Cultural Heritage on the ‘Hippie Trail’

Claudia Faria_~ Beyond words and affection: Understanding trans-cultural dialogues in the Phelps family private documents

Mattias Frihammar ~ At last, Garbo is coming home: A dead movie star as a national relic

Maria Cristina Monfort_/ Carmen Perez Garcia ~ Cultural Heritage dialogues between Europe and America. Case Study: Spain, Valencia – Argentina, San Juan

Simon Lewis_~ Heritage Tourism and Urban Development in Charleston, South Carolina—Where the History of Slavery Meets the Present of Gentrification

Asuncion Martínez Vallee / Carmen Perez Garcia_~ Project for a cultural itinerary of wine. From Spain to America

Lars Kaijser_~ From radical opposition to an exoticised north; reflections on the transformations of a Swedish popular music heritage

Juan Manuel Cano Sanchiz ~ Back to the Factory. Rehabilitation and re-inhabitation of Industrial Heritage sites in Spain and the São Paulo state: a trans-Atlantic approach

Stephen Hague_~ ‘Phony Coloney’: Interpretations of the Colonial Past and the idea of Greater Britain, 1890-1940

Sigrun Prahl ~ Downtown Berlin Americanized

Alistair Black ~ The Mid-Twentieth Century Librarian as Observer, Ambassador, and Tourist: Towards a History of Excursions by British Librarians to the United States

Ananya Kabir ~ Salsa Tourism in West Africa: Black Atlantic trans-postcolonial solidarities

Elina Djebbari_~ From Bamako to Havana, from Everywhere to Havana: Musical and dance exchanges during and after the Cold War

Livia Jiménez Sedano ~ “It has nothing to do with bachata!” Symbolic conflicts and ethnic constructions among dancing communities in the Trans-Atlantic space

Madison Moore_~ High Tech Soul: Techno from Detroit to Berlin and Back Again

Nakashydze Iryna_~ The image of the Ocean in Ukrainian-Canadian poetry

Meaghan Beaton_~ “A True Scot would have sworn he was in Scotland”: The 1967 Nova Scotia Highland Games and Folk Festival

Joe Raine_~ “Once I made you rich”: Trans-Atlantic Perceptions of Industrial Heritage

Andreas Pantazatos ~ Tourism and Heritage Joint Commitment

Donna Parsons_~ “Letters From Beatle People”: The Beatles Book and the Cultivation of Community

Ruxandra Ana_~ Performing Afro-Cuban heritage: tradition and transformation in the rumba

Fabiane Cabral_~ Portable Architecture across the Atlantic

Kateryna Goncharova_~ From Ukraine to North America and Back: How Religious Architecture Travels

Maritha Snyman_~ The influence of German missionaries on language practices of the Khoi people in South Africa

Siún Carden_~ The Aran jumper: crafting a Trans-Atlantic heritage

Horatio Joyce_~ Inventing the Anglo-American Gentlemen’s Club: Architecture and Society in Post-Waterloo London

Margaret Stetz_~ Oscar Wilde and Philadelphia: The 1882 Lectures, the Legacies, and the 2015

Rosario Fernandez Cittadini_~ The contribution of strategic planning to the enhancement of the Transatlantic Cultural Heritage in the Argentinian Patagonian territory

Stéphanie Rafaela de Souza Siqueira / Chiara Chen/ Raul Suhett de Morais_~ The artistic and architectural influence and its repercussions on Belo Horizonte’s, Ouro Preto’s, and Barcelona’s tourism development

Roshi Naidoo ~ Not afraid of Americans – African American heritage in the UK

Frederic Spagnoli_~ Trentini in Brazil and Mexico: a Trans-Atlantic Italian identity?

Gregory Ramshaw / Sean Gammon ~ Transnational Sport Heritages: Acquiring Identities and Remaking Sacred Spaces

Michelle Commander_~ Sounds Irreverent: Slavery and Humor at Ghanaian Sites of Memory

Nina Graeff_~ Orixás travelling from Bahia to Berlin: Transmitting Candomblé transculturally

Martyn Walker_~ The Mechanics’ Institute Movement and its contributrion to both Britian and America

Rea de Matas_~ Sensorial Knowledge: Embodying Cultural Heritage Through Diasporic Carnival Festivities

Sarah Smith_~ Heritage and “the unbreakable Trans-Atlantic bond”: Examining the Circulation of Contemporary Canadian Art Within Trans-Atlantic Cultural Networks

Neal McCrillis_~ Filibusters and Cowboys into “Sammies”: Imagining the Americans Before They Arrived “Over There”

Anna Nau ~ American Perspectives on European Restoration Practices: An Analysis of the American Architect and Building News from 1876 – 1900

Michele Hanks_~ Flexible Spirits: The Cultural Politics of Trans-Atlantic Ghost Tourism

Danielle Willkens_~ Visualizing the Trans-Atlantic Design Network, 1768-1838

Angela Rosch Rodrigues_~ Traumatic ruins and architectural losses: some dialogues between the Post World War II European experiences and the recent case of the Minster of São Luiz do Paraitinga (Brazil)

Nigel Morpeth_~ The invisible diaspora: Locating the historical legacy of travel through the contemporary leisure and tourism applications of the Transpennine Trail

York Neudel_~ Yunguilla, an Ecuadorian community based tourism experiment

Alanna Casey_~ Is History More than What is Left Behind?: How Policies Characterize Climate Change Vulnerabilities of Coastal Cultural Heritage Sites in New England

Theodora Lefkaditou_~ Capoeira as Humanity’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

João Marques da Cruz_/ Edoardo Pinto ~ Round-Trip Landscapes – Figueira da Foz, a tropical illusion in North Atlantic reality

Romero Eduardo_~ Theoretical and methodological foundations for a comparative study of Argentina and Brazil: the Quebrada de Humahuaca and the railway line Campinas-Jundiai

Maija Lundgren ~ The future of the cultural heritage, tourism economies, social networks, traditions and place-based development work in rural Finland – Finnish village communities on display

Omar Guzman_~ Defining the Indiano legacy in Catalonia: changing approaches to a Trans-Atlantic figure and heritage

Alex Mebane / Edward Barnes ~ Mirrors on the bridge: which bridge?

Alex Mebane / Edward Barnes ~ The bindings that tie: Atlantic heritage, whose? Ours

Helle Jorgensen ~ Panel: Slavery and its heritage of past and present transatlantic engagements

Jennie Bailey_~ Working 9 to 5 and singing as we go. Gracie and Dolly: the shared heritage of working class heroines in film

Clive Muir ~ Rethinking Columbus: new stories for heritage tourism

Tim Bunnell_~ Locating Malay Atlantic Heritage

Vladimir Ionesov ~ Heritage that Move: Experience and Trial

Renata Hryciuk ~ Oaxaca or Wahaca? Mexican Food Heritage in a Transatlantic Perspective

Anna Kuroczycka Schultes ~ The Au-­Pair Program: An Institutionalized form of Trans-Atlantic Cultural Flow

Melissa Gray ~ Selling Postwar Bologna, Home of the Tortellino and Tagliatelle: The Politics of Authenticity in Transnational Tourism

Paula Mota Santos ~ Portugal dos Pequenitos (Central Portugal) theme park: a colonial space as a site of postcolonial transatlantic encounter

Natanya Duncan ~ Queen of Garvey Ladies: The Re-Making of Amy Adeyola Ashwood Garvey in Great Britain

Winston F Phulgence ~ Sites of Exchange, Sites of Memory: Ghana’s Slave Castles and the creation of Atlantic Identities

Graham Gladden ~ Air travel: the post war challenge to the traditions of trans-Atlantic travel

Constantin Canavas ~ Can an eclipse save lives? A literary motive and its narrative transformations in trans-Atlantic encounters

Aaron Krerowicz ~ From the Shadow of JFK: The Rise of Beatlemania in America

David Butler, Amber L. Hulsey, Larry McKeithan, Alptekin Kavi ~ The 4th of July in the UK: American Reflections

LeGrace Benson ~ Blan Sojourners in the Black Republic

Gareth Syvret ~ Atlantus: Jersey – New Jersey

Paul Brown, Amber Hulsey, Larry McKeithan, Alptekin Kavi ~ Using Photo Elicitation to Understand the Perceptions of Slavery from Museum Visitors in the United Kingdom

Terry Hamblin ~ Introducing the Beatles: The ‘Fab Four’, Mass Media, and Teen Culture, 1963-64

Anthony Stanonis ~ Tasting Heritage: French Pralines, African Benne Seeds, and Race in the American South since 1865

Shawnrece D Campbell ~ Ethiopian Healing Scrolls, Ethnomedical Criticism, Garifuna Healers, and Trans-Atlantic Authors of the African Diaspora

Oriel Prizeman ~ Carnegie Libraries and the invention of a shared heritage

Peter Boyd ~ A Shared Transatlantic Heritage of Scots Roses – icons of cultural identity

Jeannine Kraft ~ Framing the Romantic idyll: The enduring resonance of ‘the West’ in the visualisation of Irish heritage

Carl Haddrell_ ~ British Perceptions of the American Skyscraper

Jane Lovell_Sam Hitchmough ~ Tracing American Footsteps: Staged Authenticity and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

Carolin Matjeka ~ Trans-Atlantic Dialogues via Wireless Telegraphy: Ship Newspapers on Ocean Liners

Catherine Ulmer ~ Transatlantic Travellers: Canadian Voyages Across the Urban Internationale c.1900-1926

Alinta Sara ~ The Afro-Brazilian architectural heritage in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin

Louisa Onuoha ~ The Heritage of Transatlatic Encounters. Connecting the people of Brazil and Nigeria through Shared Roots and Union

Aisling OCarroll ~ Parkways and Landscapes: Origins and Rhetoric of Auto-Tourism in America

Moa K. Carlsson ~ The Naturalistic Planting Style and Atlantic Horticultural Cross-Pollination (1850-1950)

Mariana de Souza Rolim ~ Dialogues between the Americas and Europe regarding heritage preservation

Margaret Areo and Adebowale Areo ~ ‘The Cloak Does Not Make the Monk’: Transatlantic Textile Exchange and Cultural Appropriation in Yoruba Fashion Identity

Katie Hunter ~ Women on the Platform community project

Diego Villada ~ Recuca: Coffee theme-farm performs heritage and transmits culture for Colombian diaspora


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